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6:03pm 01-01-2007
Lasse Preinitz
I´m counting to come with my wife to Leopoldsburg 2007-08-16 to19.
Is there any rooms nearby or is it camping.

Lasse Preinitz
2:56pm 11-22-2006
I really like Your website.I have Drifter 1500 in maroon myself and I'm proud of it.Vince&Hines exhaust,vindshild and power commander.My girlfriend says Drifter is the most gorgeus bike ever.I agree.
8:26am 10-13-2006
Greetimgs from the Uk lovely web site , I look forward one day to riding with you in Belgium perhaps at the international rally. Nigel
2:53am 10-04-2006
Hi there.
Thank you for your hospitality when we visited your rally in August.
I've seen the info about next years rally, and you can be sure I'll get there.
Hope you'll serve food as nice as this year.
Regards also to Ziggy, Hary and all the rest of you.
Take care. See you
10:50pm 08-16-2006
Sten Fäldt
I hope i see you next year in Belgium.
Sten # 507, Vulcan SWEDEN
2:03pm 08-14-2006
The Scribe
Hello to all.......hope to see you at the rallye this weekend......I will be arriving a bit later than the rest of the Uk members.

See you then..................

Paul Murden (The Scribe)
8:23am 07-06-2006
Hello BerneO
It would be nice tho see you on our rally,you dont have tho sign up.
Greetings from the V.O.C.B.
3:57pm 07-05-2006
Hi friends.
Nice to meet some of you on "Tånga Hed" i Sweden, last weekend.
I'm thinking about visiting you in August, when your rally is on.
Would it be possible just to show up, or do I have to sign up?
I'm not 100% shure I'll be able to take a leave from other engagement, but I'm shure gone try.
Swedish Vulkan Rider Berne O
10:04pm 06-19-2006
Hi Guys hope to see you all in August. Blue
11:52pm 03-13-2006
Don Bruce #499
I would like to welcome you and any other riders that may be in the Southern California area! Please check our site: If your in So Cal and want to ride, email me at We'll think of something!
11:22pm 12-12-2005
Webmaster VOCB. Bea
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